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Close-edge Tel Avis – Kelps and Chiefs last four years

NFL has two top nearby neighborhoods to get a new contract.

The US time on Thursday, George Kittle, George Kittle, and 49 people renewied for pro sports jerseys from china 5 years, 75 million US dollars, the chief has completed the new approximately with Travis Kelce.

According to nfl game jerseys cheap NetWork reporters, Celps has a $ 57 million in 4 years, and the remaining period of contract is now 6 years.

Kelps is about 31 years old in October this year, and his contract is originally within two years, respectively, with $ 11.2 million and $ 9 million salary space.

Kelsea is a close-to-pendant front and one of Mahkus trust. He can use the body’s role to eat angular guards and security, and he can use the speed to get rid of the wire guard. Kelps used a professional bowl for five times, and the best lineup was selected twice, and it had been promoted for four consecutive years. In the two seasons of the Mahmus team, Kelci pushed 2565 yards, reached 15 times, can pick up the enemy.