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Saints and Adrian Peterson sign two years contract

This year, Adrian Peterson is also related to the Minnesota Weijing, and, & mdash; only, this time he is the enemy of Viking.

According to ESPN reporters, Piteson has signed a contract with New Orleans Saints for china wholesale jerseys nfl us com 2 years of $ 7 million. He also told the contract detail in the details. One year contract + one year option. Peterson will earn $ 3.5 million this season to guarantee gold, including $ 2.5 million signing bonuses and 1 million basic guarantees.

If the 2018 option is executed, he will get another $ 3.5 million non-contained gold and $ 2.4 million in a big list bonus. This 3.5 million includes 1.05 million basic salary, 1650,000 play list bonus, wholesale jerseys online 750,000 list bonuses and 50,000 training bonuses.

Peterson will occupy a $ 2.25 million wage-capsule this year, and 2018 totaled $ 4.75 million wage space. Data shows that the Saint has a total of 8.5 million wage in space.

The New Orleans Saints unveiled the battle of Monday, and they will be held at the home of Mingnesota Viking.